Summer is ending... :(

Saturday, August 4, 2012

     And so it begins... I need to arrange my tables (trying to decide angled or straight?), do my bulletin boards, redo some stuff on my walls, make a new so valance for my ugly blinds, reorganize cabinets and closet (which is huge!), set up everything electronic, clean tanks, set up critters (that are at my house for the summer), and finish units for first and second grade for the first 18 days of school. Only ONE week of summer left... :(
     My wonderful hubby started working on my bulletin boards! He put up the black material and layered my borders just like I wanted (and he does a much better job than me!).  I am going with black and white (dots in bloom-creative press) with a touch of color. My wonderful daughter put my new label maker to work and started labeling my cabinets. I want everything organized and labeled! Teachers grade K-3 come in once a week for an open lab time and I want supplies handy for them. I also try to maintain supplies for experiments they do in their classrooms.  

     Tables on an angle or not? I might try them straight. Last year, I had them like this and it took me a little while to get use to them (I like straight lines), but I ended up liking the arrangement. I am so not ready for summer to be over!


  1. I love your black

  2. It looks like you are getting a great start to the new school year! I'm always looking for science resources so I'm very excited about your blog. Can't wait to check everything out :)

    Enchanted with Technology

  3. Hey Penny. I have a question for you. Please shoot me an email at Thanks!


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