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Monday, September 3, 2012

     I thought I would share some of my favorite online science resources.
I love scholastic's studyjams! They have short math and science videos about many topics and the kids love them. I usually use a short clip for an activating strategy.

Next, I love simulations! PhET offers FREE fun, researched based online simulations.
My husband loves BBC for the show "Top Gear" but I love BBC for all of the free education resources. They have games, lesson ideas, video clips, and more!

PBS has great short videos on cool science jobs! They also have science experiments and science fair help. The kids love the games.

Check out these sites...they are full of science fun and information!

My TPT store:

I am currently working on science units (force and motion with Mercy, prediction, observation, and inference with Epossumondas) to go with several of my favorite books:

If you have never read a Picture Perfect Science book, I highly suggest it! A great resource for teachers!

Also, check out my latest post on "Critters in the Classroom"!
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