Sick, Sale, and Sleepy!

Friday, September 21, 2012

 I have had a cold which turned into bronchitis...I was managing. Until yesterday, when the stomach bug entered! Needless to say I have been ill and confined to the house for two days. I think *fingers crossed* that my stomach woes are over, but I have this lingering cough! Being asthmatic, this means I am having a serious relationship with my nebulizer!
     Enter fall...although it still feels very much like summer in central Florida! I am having a sale and I have joined a blog hop..."Happy Fall Y'all!"
Thank you to Casey@
I love her blog!
Finally, my meds are making me very sleepy...goodnight!


Publisher Secrets

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Did you know that there are airplaine templates on microsoft publisher? Yes! And there are also origami templates...get this...with directions! They are in templates under "paper folding." You can edit the words, pictures to be whatever you would like. :) There are four aircraft designs. I usually give one design to each group and we go through the scientific process or engineering design process (or both!) with them.
Problem- Which aircraft goes the greatest distance?
Hypothesis- I think that _____ design goes the greatest distance because _________.
We do 3-5 trials and the kids love it!


A great giveaway...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Check out Corinna's great giveaway! Each day she will feature some fabulous bloggers and give away items from them. Congratulations, Corinna!

Science ipad apps

Thursday, September 6, 2012
I am so excited! I finally go the cord to connect my ipad to my smartboard. My first favorite science app is National Geographic Kids. You can download free explorer magazines for grade levels from K-8. They have embedded video and pictures/facts and for the younger kids, it has audio to read it to them!

National Geographic Kids
I also like Science 360. There are unlimited science photos, videos, and more!
Next week, I will post any new apps that we explore in the lab!

Science Resources

Monday, September 3, 2012

     I thought I would share some of my favorite online science resources.
I love scholastic's studyjams! They have short math and science videos about many topics and the kids love them. I usually use a short clip for an activating strategy.

Next, I love simulations! PhET offers FREE fun, researched based online simulations.
My husband loves BBC for the show "Top Gear" but I love BBC for all of the free education resources. They have games, lesson ideas, video clips, and more!

PBS has great short videos on cool science jobs! They also have science experiments and science fair help. The kids love the games.

Check out these sites...they are full of science fun and information!

My TPT store:

I am currently working on science units (force and motion with Mercy, prediction, observation, and inference with Epossumondas) to go with several of my favorite books:

If you have never read a Picture Perfect Science book, I highly suggest it! A great resource for teachers!

Also, check out my latest post on "Critters in the Classroom"!

FIRE Florida International Reptile Expo

Saturday, September 1, 2012
Big Daddy got a new scarf!
Big Daddy ready to go to FIRE today!

We had some ups and we had a bad down at FIRE today. I am a science lab teacher. I have a lot of lab critters for the students which for the most part, I fund out of pocket. We loaded up on crickets, wax worms, horned worms, fruit flies (premium crickets). We purchased a new small zoomed habitat, bought "dumpy" white tree frogs (thank you, Hang Ten reptiles!) Visited Pinellas County Reptiles and picked up some supplies for "Forrest Gump" our chameleon we bought from them in June in Tampa. Our oldest beardie got a scarf from "Neon's" mom (sorry, can't remember the name). And unfortunately, bought 2 dart frogs from House of Reptiles Jacksonville (for a tank my husband has put about $500 into). They died before we left Orlando (within 2-3 hours). We went back to the vendor and "all he could do was offer us two more at half price." He said they got too hot and that I should take responsibility for that. I say he should take responsibility for educating a new pet owner! If I had known how sensitive they were, I would have bought them right before we left and rushed home. All of our other purchases survived just fine. These frogs did not leave us. We carried them around the expo and by the time we left and stopped to get gas, they were dead. My daughter cried all the way home, and my students will be sad come Tuesday. Shame on that vendor!  Now I have this beautiful habitat and NO frogs! I am going to have to figure out a new way to fund our dart frogs...any ideas? They are very expensive and we just threw away $100 today on dart frogs. Update... We went to Pinellas County Retiles and got two beautiful frogs who are thriving. 

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