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Freebie and Matter

Monday, October 8, 2012
This week in the lab all grades K-3 are working on matter. K is being introduced to matter. First grade is reviewing matter. One of my first graders said to another on the carpet this morning, "Can you believe my brother is in highschool and doesn't know that there are more then three states of matter?! He had never heard of plasma or Bose-Einstein condensate!" To this my other first grader replied, "I know, my dad (a highschool science teacher) says I know more than a lot of his students!" I love how the little ones soak up knowledge like a sponge! This group did my "Monsters Matter" packet last week and loved it! Second grade is working on attributes/properties of matter and we are making slime and gooblin goop on Wednesday!

This weekend, I attempted a cootie catcher...
I have all but given up on making cootie catchers. :) So here is my first attempt.
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