Mysteries of the Wild and insomnia...

Thursday, August 2, 2012
What to do when you can't sleep? Work on school stuff and blog! I just finished our first kindergarten unit for the lab...see below! It will be going in my TPT store shortly...  

This is a unit that I do with my kindergartners in the science lab. I do have quite a few lab pets and we have great local wildlife. Please adapt to your local wildlife. The kids love this unit! I purchased safari hats and binoculars for them and we fully immerse in our role as wildlife biologists! We are a STEM school and our unit is fully integrated. They do math, reading, writing, social studies, and science in their classrooms also based on this theme. Our school focus for the first nine weeks in “Mystery Madness” and our kindergarten spin on this is…”Mysteries of the Wild” There are so many great books and songs to go along with this unit at the beginning of the year. My favorite books are the Epossumondas” books (4) by Coleen Salley.  We also do a lot of bear hunting! We go on a school wide bear hunt to introduce the campus and staff to the students. We love Dr. Jean’s Bear Hunt song. And the best bear book, “The Very Cranky Bear” by  Nick Bland.  And for you techies…there are great ipad apps for the books above. J

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  1. Penny I love your focus on's sadly an overlooked subject in K ....and it doesn't need to be - Thank you for your brillant ideas!
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