Lab Pets

Big Daddy- Our bearded dragon...Big Daddy lives in my lab and was donated to our school by a generous community member. The kids love taking care of him! Below is Big Daddy with Mr. Lundquist and Big Daddy in his "hot tub".

"Bubba" is our baby bearded dragon.

Our newest addition is "Forrest Gump" the chameleon.

And some fish tanks...

"Charlie" our hermit crab...

Every spring, we put eggs in our incubator and anxiously wait for them to hatch. This year, we had 14 out of 18 hatch. Great hatch rate for us! Big Daddy was happy to see them go back to the farm when they got too big to keep in the lab. Thank you to Mr. Prins who generously donates our fertile eggs and takes the chicks back after they hatch!

We also have silkworms, mealworms, butterflies, superworms, pill bugs, sow bugs, fruit flies, praying mantis, aquatic snails, fresh water sharks, guppies, goldfish, and carnivorous plants.
I love critters!

Bubba helps me work above and below, Big Daddy is having fun with the girls!

Big Daddy's biggest fan! :)

Glitzy is a White's Tree Frog, one of our newer additions.


  1. I have a bearded dragon :) His name is spike. He is a little bit smaller than your dragon. He doesn't go in the water like yours. Spike was a rescue and was neglected by his last owner :( But, he is doing much better now!

    Great blog,

    Look Who's Teaching

  2. I have cockroaches right now. The hissing fun kind. I have also had stickbugs, ladybugs, hermit crabs, fish of all types. We aren't allowed to have anything that is furry or feathery and no reptiles. I kinds push it with the cockroaches.
    I love class pets.



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