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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wow, we are already at the end of October! The school year is flying by! We have been so busy in the lab, I am taking two classes, and I had the flu for 10 days... Unfortunately, I haven't had much time for blogging. Here are some photos of activities we have been busy with... 
First, we started off the year with our first unit "Mystery Madness" (school wide theme). I use GEMS Mystery Festival
along with my Mystery Madness Detectives unit.  Above is a picture of a first grade science journal. We studied fingerprints for a few days and now I think we know if everyone in the entire school is a loop, arch, or whorl! :) The students love solving mysteries and it is a great way to introduce the nature of science, inquiry,  and all of the science skills/tools we will be using throughout the year.

"Let's Get Physical" is our second unit of the year. We have been slimed, gooped, and we made alien eggs (very cool!) while learning all about matter and its properties. Both found in my Halloween Science Fun packet.  

My assistants: Forrest Gump, Lilo, and I are working on some new things right now, that we will be posting soon. :)

Forrest Gump

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