Scientifically Challenged?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Are you scientifically challenged? Well, I used to think I was! Science is... curiosity. If you have curiousity about things around you, then good may not be scientifically challeged! I used to think, "Did I do any science this week?" And I usually answered no (yes, I talk to myself, don't you?). I answered no because I thought you had to be doing "The Scientific Method" to be teaching science. I was wrong. "The Scientific Method" is a neccessary evil that is tested on most standardized testing at some point, so I do cover it, but I am no longer obsessed with it. I wonder if astronomers or paleontologists ever wake up and ask themselves if they are doing "The Scientific Method?" I bet not. Nope, I bet they wake up and read about their curiosities and then go explore them. My purpose as a science teacher is to instill a love and curiosity about the world around us from a scientific point of view (and I do promote careers in science). First and foremost, this includes reading about the world around us. Actually, the scientific method is probably A LOT lower on my list (I just heard a gasp from the other science teacher at my school...sorry Alyson!). Well, in order make it easy for others to teach the neccessary evil, I put together this little packet. :)


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  1. I can't wait to check out your goodies on TPT! I need your science help! :) I am your newest follower! Come visit me-



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