Woolly Pockets!

     I was fortunate this year and my principal allowed me to get woolly pockets for every grade level! I had wanted to plant a garden, but no one, including myself, was looking forward to the maintenance of a garden. We also could not decide on a location. So, I went online and found vertical gardens. We could have them in mutliple locations on campus, easy maintenance, great for water conservation, easy to install, you get the point. :) I found this company and was intrigued. Everything was made from recycled bottles and they had a school program with a great discount. We have them in three different locations on campus now, with three more to go (maybe I will get to it this summer). Our gardens are growing! 

Butterfly Garden

     We have a butterfly garden on campus with a small koi pond. This summer, my husband and I are planning to revamp the garden.
The pond needs to be cleaned and it has a waterfall that has not worked since I have been at my school. Hopefully, we can fix it.